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For the benefit of parents who have a conflict and can’t trade their assigned shift(s), the league maintains a list of responsible young adults who are trained to handle the duties of working at The Patio, including cashier, soda fountain and food prep.  These young adults are also able to supervise when situations occur while the manager is tending to business elsewhere at the Shira Baseball Complex.
The Patio Qualified Workers are independent contractors, similar to being hired by someone to mow their lawn or provide babysitting services and may be contacted to work a shift on behalf of an assigned parent or guardian.  Any fee should be agreed on directly with the individual young adult.  Payments can be dropped off and held at The Patio for the young adult to pick up.
Parents or guardians of players should not hire someone to cover their shift or expect a child to work in place of an adult if they are not on the list of Qualified Workers.  The list is available or in person anytime The Patio is open.
Qualified workers are identified each year in March.  Watch the MCPB Homepage beginning in January for information on how to apply!